Walk you longboard like an Egyptian in Egypt

Walk like an Egyptian, music by the Bangles.
Drop down sliding Longboard

Girls Longboard Crew – Egypt

Got across a great story of the Girl Longboard crew about visit to Egypt in 2012, great story…,


I’m in Dahab, Egypt. There is a wall of rain outside my window. Strange, huh! Hopefully that won’t be a sand river down the road I ride. I’m going to take this oppurtunity to share what longboarding in Egypt looks like. I can’t speak for the whole of Egypt, only Dahab – home to hundreds of windsurfers and kitesurfers.

When I was packing my stuff, my mum thought I was crazy for taking my longboard. She was screaming that I would be killed by an insane Arab on the road! Well, she was nearly right – I never skated local roads while they were busy, people wouldn’t even think to brake! But I believe that if you want to skate – you will skate. Hotel zones, pedestrian areas in the city, wherever.

Read the whole story at: http://longboardgirlscrew.com/2012/12/longboarding-in-egypt/

Longboarding Egypt Video

Egypt Video on Ras Sudr Longboarding

King Tut Longboard – Skate like an Egyptian

King Tut has inspired many things from shoes, car, bathing suits, masks,movie, cups you name it, it probably exists somewhere, but who had imagined he would ever inspire longboarding sk8ing.

Here an real cool longboard


and a funny video of king tut on a Longboard


its all in good fun.